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Contract Support For Overburdened Business Functions

We Transform How Small And Medium-Sized
 Businesses Manage Contracts

Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have formal legal, sales, procurement, finance or human resources departments to manage their contracts like bigger companies.  And even if they do, those departments may be unstructured, understaffed, overworked and just stretched too thin.

This can be especially true for start up businesses. Even the most standout start up can use some help with its contracts! Vypai also supports the contract needs of entrepreneurs, small publicly held companies, family businesses, non-profits, charitable organizations, minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses, disabilities-owned businesses, venture capital, and private equity.

Vyapi’s commercial lawyers and contract specialists can improve your workflow, increase efficiency, lower costs, and deliver better results. Here’s how:

Vypai’s end-to-end contract management solutions were designed by lawyers for small and medium-sized businesses. Law is in our DNA. We enable lawyers to proactively manage contracts, so you can focus on core business, productivity and the bottom line.
Vyapi’s solutions help you stay on top of vendor and supplier contracts. We help small and medium-sized businesses reduce the time from source to contract, standardize vendor and supplier contracts, negotiate better deals with less risk, stay on top of procurement goals, and never miss an obligation or renewal.
Human Resources
Vyapi’s solutions let you manage employment-related agreements more efficiently. Even employees at small or medium-sized businesses have multiple contracts associated with them. We help you easily organize, standardize, revise and administer those contracts.
Vyapi’s solutions accelerate the sales contracting process. No more missed deadlines, lost contracts, bottlenecks, cutting and pasting, or lack of playbooks and templates. We make it easy to manage new contracts and renewals, search contracts, organize them, and analyze contract performance for improve decision making. Most important for small and medium-sized businesses: you’ll close deals faster.
Vyapi’s solutions enable cost-savings by giving small and medium-sized businesses improved insight into their costs and revenue. We help you leverage contract data in order to make better financial and risk management decisions essential to your company’s objectives.

We Can Transform Your Contract
Regardless of Your Industry

Vyapi team members have managed contracts in more than 20 industries relevant to small and medium-sized businesses including:



Consumer Products




Financial Services





Life Sciences



Professional Services


Real Estate




Leverage Vyapi’s commercial lawyers and contract specialists and their deep knowledge of legal, sales, procurement, finance and human resources, across multiple industries, to transform how small and medium-sized businesses do business.