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Effortless Employment Contract
Management with Vyapi

Solutions to help you centralize, standardize, & efficiently manage HR agreements.

What Vyapi Offers to HR Teams

Flawless Integration with HR Systems

Vyapi integrates seamlessly with your existing  HR systems, ensuring data consistency and reducing manual effort.

Flawless Integration with HR Systems
Standardized Employment Contract Templates

Standardized Employment Contract Templates

Ensure consistency and compliance across your organization by creating and enforcing standardized templates for employment contracts.

HR Contract Performance Insights

Gain valuable insights into employee contract performance, risks, and opportunities through advanced analytics and reporting.

HR Contract Performance Insights
Automated Contract Renewals & Expirations

Automated Contract Renewals & Expirations

Stay on top of contract renewals and expirations with automated reminders and workflows, minimizing compliance risks.

Intelligent Contract Authoring

Leverage AI-powered contract authoring tools and pre-approved clause libraries to create compliant, error-free employment contracts faster.

Intelligent Contract Authoring_

Contracts Don’t Have to Be Complicated.

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1. How does Vyapi streamline the creation, negotiation, and approval process for employment contracts?

Vyapi expedites HR contract creation, negotiation, and approval by offering pre-built templates for common agreements, automating workflows to route contracts to the right people, and allowing for electronic signatures, eliminating the need for printing and physical signatures.

2. Can Vyapi help track and ensure compliance with relevant labor laws and regulations within contracts?

Vyapi ensures your contracts stay compliant with ever-changing regulations by providing updates on labor laws, offering libraries of pre-approved clauses, and setting up alerts to notify HR of expiring contracts or potential compliance risks.

3. Does Vyapi integrate with HR onboarding systems to expedite the process for new hires?

Vyapi can seamlessly integrate with your onboarding systems, pre-filling contract templates with new hire information, automating tasks like sending contracts for e-signatures, and streamlining the entire onboarding process by managing contracts alongside other onboarding steps.

4. How can Vyapi identify potential risks within HR contracts, such as non-compete clauses or intellectual property ownership?

Vyapi team analyze your contracts and identify potential risks, such as overly broad non-compete clauses. You can customize alerts to highlight risks specific to your company policies, and Vyapi can even generate reports summarizing potential risks across your entire HR contract portfolio.

5. Does Vyapi provide a centralized platform for storing, organizing, and analyzing employee contract data for HR?

Vyapi centralizes HR contract management with a secure cloud-based repository for all your employment contracts. Easy search and filter features allow you to quickly find specific agreements, while data analytics tools empower you to identify trends and patterns within your HR contract landscape

6. Can Vyapi simplify the process of amending existing employment contracts and track all revisions effectively?

Vyapi simplifies amendments and ensures clear revision history with features like version control to track all changes, automated redlining to highlight edits during negotiations, and collaborative editing within the platform, fostering smooth communication between HR and legal teams.

7. How does Vyapi ensure compliance with record retention requirements for HR contracts?

Vyapi ensures stress-free record retention compliance for HR contracts. It offers automated policies to store contracts for the legally mandated period, assists with secure disposal after the retention window ends, and provides a comprehensive audit trail documenting all actions taken on each contract.

8. Does Vyapi provide tools to help HR prepare for audits and respond to auditor inquiries related to employee contracts?

Vyapi streamlines audit support by enabling quick contract search and retrieval, allowing export of contract data in audit-friendly formats, and providing reporting tools to generate reports specific to audit inquiries. This ensures a smooth and efficient audit process for HR.

9. Can Vyapi identify opportunities to optimize HR contract terms and potentially reduce associated costs?

Vyapi helps you optimize HR contract costs by offering benchmarking tools to compare your terms against industry standards. It analyzes contracts to identify potential savings opportunities like reducing unnecessary benefits, and even equips you with data and insights to support stronger contract negotiations with new hires.

10. What security measures does Vyapi employ to protect sensitive employee data within HR contracts?

Vyapi prioritizes the security of your sensitive employee data within HR contracts. It utilizes encryption at rest and in transit to safeguard information, enforces granular access controls to restrict access to authorized personnel only, and maintains comprehensive audit logs that track all access and activity related to HR contracts, providing complete transparency and accountability.

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