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Contract Management Workflow Process


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What do small and medium-sized businesses gain from partnering with Vyapi for end-to-end contract management solutions?

  • Contract savings (as high as 60-80%)
  • Improved contract processing
  • Reduced contract turnaround time
  • Optimized, accurate and comprehensive contracts
  • Substantive and valuable contract information
  • More time to focus on your core business, productivity and the bottom line
But what does it take to get there?

Typical Contract Process (High Level)

Step 1
Step 1

Customer sends contracts to Vyapi using secure file transfer

Step 2
Step 2

Vyapi receives contracts & allocates them to dedicated team

Step 3
Step 3

Vyapi communicates with customer throughout process to meet its requirements

Step 4
Step 4

Quality Control: If work approved, move to next step. If not, returned to team

Step 5
Step 5

Approved contracts placed in folder w/ remarks & securely returned to customer

Step 6
Step 6

Confirmation customer’s needs were fulfilled

Team Contract Experience

Vyapi’s highly skilled and experienced team of commercial lawyers and contract specialists is experienced handling the most complex contracts effectively and efficiently.

Collectively our team has worked on 100+ types of contracts, 25,000+ contracts, 200,000+ contract pages, and has 75+ years of contract management experience.

Contract Management Specialist

Contract Management Expertise, Technology &
Continuous Improvement

In addition to their commercial legal education, team members engage in continuous learning and development trainings in the substance and process of law, commercial law developments, and contract management, as well as professional responsibility and legal ethics. Vyapi maintains a law library for their reference for general and contract law. Team members are mentored by senior lawyers who have practiced commercial law in the U.S. and U.K., and have taught at law schools and for continuing legal education programs.

Team members apply technology including automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, generative AI including ChatGTP, natural language processing, and advanced analytics. They have hands-on experience with class leading contract management tools including Agiloft, Apttus, Ariba, Cobblestone, ContractExpress, ContractPodAI, Coupa, Docusign, eBrevia, Exari, HighQ, iCertis, Ironclad, Juro, Kira, Legalsifter, Malbek, Ontra, Pramata, and SirionOne, among others.

Vyapi Team members are trained in continuous process improvement methodologies, such as Agile, to ensure customer objectives are met.

Vyapi Does Not Engage In The Unauthorized Practice of Law

Vyapi ‘s contract management services support the practice of law. We do not engage in the practice of law or hold ourselves out as practicing law. On request, Vyapi will provide you with the relevant opinions of national, state and local bar associations, councils and courts setting forth guidelines on outsourced legal services.

Conflicts Policy

Vyapi maintains records detailing all contract management engagements to ensure that no conflicts of interest exist. Vyapi employment records are reviewed to determine that no conflicts exist that would preclude work on particular engagements.

Contract Management Services
Secure Customer Data

Security Is Assured

Vyapi secures its customer’s data by taking steps including:

  • ID required to access offices
  • Closed circuit security cameras
  • Personal phones and laptops not permitted at work stations
  • Removable drives not permitted at work stations
  • Team members have individual logins
  • Printing is disabled without prior authorization
  • A clean desk policy is imposed at the end of each work day

Our Compliance Policies

Vyapi typically supports customers by integrating their technology, tools and platforms. Contracts are generally stored in a secured file transfer folder (or through other arrangement) from which Vyapi can access contracts for processing.

 Vyapi maintains compliance policies including:

  • Regulatory policies aligned with regional, national and international regulations, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Data privacy and protection including guidelines on how customer data is collected, stored, processed, and protected, as well as how breach notices are issued
  • Security and risk management to protect customer data, including incident response protocols
  • Trust and transparency commitment to providing clear and accurate information about our services

Vyapi’s Commitment to Diversity

Vyapi is a global equal opportunity employer with a workforce that is 67% female. We embrace diversity in race, nationality, religion, ancestry, marital status, gender, age, ethnic origin, physical ability, and sexual orientation.  Our human resources strategy enables us to attract, develop and retain the best talent to deliver contract services.

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