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Thinking Big For The Contract Needs
Of Smaller Businesses

We Do Contracts For Small & Medium-Sized
. That’s All We Do.

Vyapi supports small and medium-sized businesses looking to efficiently handle their contracts:

  • Companies burdened by contracts
  • Companies without legal, sales, procurement, finance or human resources departments
  • Companies looking for end-to-end contract management
Contract Lifecycle Management Company


Are We

Vyapi’s experienced, serious, cost-conscious commercial lawyers and contract specialists know contracts. We’ve worked for top tier law firms, in-house legal departments, global consultancies, and premier legal support providers.  Our contract professionals learned from the best in the business, supporting the contract needs of Fortune 500 companies. Now Vyapi brings that same smart and cost-effective contract management to companies which can benefit from it most: small and medium-sized businesses.

Outsourced legal support, including contract management, has evolved but it’s converging in ways that don’t necessarily benefit smaller companies. Vyapi isn’t about corner offices, closed doors and bureaucracy. That’s not us. We’re lean, collaborative, flexible, and accountable, with a strong sense of workplace, family and giving back.


We Do

Small and medium-sized businesses are different from deep pocketed large companies. They have specific needs that reflect limited financial and labor resources.

They may not have formal legal, sales, procurement, finance, or human resources departments to manage contracts like bigger companies. Their contract team, such as it is, may be unstructured, understaffed, overworked and just stretched too thin.

So when the clock is ticking on contracts like non-compete agreements, sales, services, finance, employment or leases, small and medium-sized businesses companies must hurry because soon there will be no time left. Deadlines, lost contracts, bottlenecks, cutting and pasting, lack of playbooks or templates. It’s a warning to small and medium-sized businesses to take control of their contracts now before it’s too late.

But these businesses have a distinct advantage over large companies. They rely on Vyapi for contract support. Wherever you are, whenever you need us, we’re there. We’re focused on contract solutions for the underserved small and medium-sized businesses that comprise 90% of global business.

Customized Contract Solutions for SMBs


We Do It

Our commercial lawyers and contract specialists apply deep knowledge of substantive and procedural law, implement class-leading processes and technology, and provide assurances of security, privacy and confidentiality to every contract engagement.

Looking for cost-effective contract solutions from commercial lawyers and contract specialists who really hustle for small and medium-sized businesses? That’s Vyapi. We’re transforming contract management for those who need it most. 24/7. No one else does what we do.

The Vyapi Team Is Focused On Contracts

Contract Management Company in USA - Vyapi


Management Team

Applying lessons learned from Big Law and Global Consultancies
to the contract needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Sumesh Sawhney

Founder & Director
Experienced corporate lawyer with two of the largest law firms in the U.S. and U.K., specializing in M&A, finance, tax and litigation.
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Robert Unterberger

VP - Solutions
Experienced commercial lawyer and legal head for two of the largest global consultancies.
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Kala Bose

Chief of People & Culture
Experienced HR professional, committed to attracting, retaining and developing a diverse and inclusive contract management team.

Sameer Prakash

VP - Client Services
Experienced in-house legal counsel and project management expert specializing in contracts.
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Contract Delivery Team

Lawyers and contract specialists who are passionate about their work, encourage one another, and are engaged in Vyapi’s success.
Contract Delivery Team Vyapi

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